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Training is available Online (Self-Paced), Hybrid, or In Person

In Person Training Option: Scheduled Trainings

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In this 95 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, you will have the opportunity to become a certified youth yoga teacher with Challenge to Change, Inc.

You will learn how to effectively utilize yoga + mindfulness practices to teach toddlers, kids, and teens. Come and learn about the social-emotional development of each age and how yoga + mindfulness can benefit each age group.

We welcome teachers, parents, counselors, administrators, therapists, certified yoga teachers and all others interested in the practice to join our certified trainers for this interactive experience.

  • An opportunity to not only learn how to provide yoga + mindfulness resources to others, but also how to utilize them within your own life!

  • Strategies to bring peace, self-regulation, and calm to children of all ages.

  • Certificate of completion and optional Iowa AEA graduate and relicensure credits. 

  • Tools to grow your own kids yoga business.

  • Knowledge of poses, yoga and mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and strategies to implement practices in YOUR own unique setting.

  • FREE access to the Yoga + Mindfulness Portal Resource Center for the duration of your training.

  • Unlimited access to the C2C Self-Care Hub throughout your training.

  • Kids Yoga Teacher Materials Package worth $250+.

  • Philosophy + Fundamentals of Yoga

  • Yoga Poses, Yoga Flows, Anatomy

  • Differences in Teaching Toddlers, Kids, Teens, & Adults

  • Yoga + Development

  • K-12 School Programming Overview

  • Trauma-Informed Instruction Basics + Program

  • Teaching Youth Yoga in Different Environments

  • Youth Yoga Lesson Experiences

  • Social-Emotional Learning Basics + Techniques

  • Breathwork for Children + Adults

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Positive Thinking + Self-Talk

  • Child Development

  • Parts of Practice Philosophy + Application

  • Using Mindful Games

  • Mindfulness Creative Expression Centers

  • Lesson Basics, Development + Ideas

  • Using Guided Mindfulness with Children


At Challenge to Change, we offer our LIVE 95 Hour Youth Yoga Teacher Training programs for 3 Educator Relicensure and Graduate Credits. The fee is in addition to the cost of the course and can be paid through the AEA. Details will be communicated with you prior to the beginning of the training. 


Registration Deadline: If we do not have a specific number of trainees to successfully run this training you will be notified by reg. deadline. Please ensure you register as soon as possible to ensure your spot is secured.

Hybrid 95 Option: Scheduled Trainings

The Hybrid 95 is a combination of self-guided and in person education. This unique experience allows for flexibility as well as the development of a strong community to complete the journey alongside.


Pre-work: You will receive approximately 3 hours of pre-work at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the in-person training. This work includes learning about the fundamentals of yoga, which allows our live time together to focus specifically on youth yoga. Additionally, you will be asked to log into the online platforms that you will be utilizing throughout the training as part of your prework.


Live Training: Live training will occur in two segments, once following your assigned pre-work, and for the second time after the interim work. During this time, you will come together as a community to learn about yoga + mindfulness for youth, and develop the confidence to teach others these skills. You will encounter a cross between lesson examples, content knowledge, practice teaching, and more! 

Interim Work: Between our live gatherings, you will be asked to complete approximately 6 hours of video lessons, including yoga philosophy + practice and demo youth yoga lessons. This time will also be when you complete a few additional assignments.

Online  95 Option: Enroll Today 

Online Self-Paced: Youth Yoga Teacher Training 


Online 95 Hr Youth Yoga Teacher Training

$795. one time payment for 12 months of access

$298.33 x three payments (1 payment for 3 months) for12 months of access 

Purchase Training  HERE

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