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Breathing New Life into Your Classroom Community Every Morning


Breathing New Life into Your Classroom Community Every Morning

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Breathing New Life Into Your Classroom Community

This course is designed to help teachers create a structured time at the beginning of the school day when they can build meaningful communities within their classrooms as well as teach state-mandated social-emotional standards.  According to Louis Cozolino, author of The Social Neuroscience of Education, "...the quality of our relationships with our teachers, families, friends and communities is as important to learning as the curriculum, testing, and technologies which usually occupy our attention."

Participants will gain a greater understanding 

  • how to bring new energy into their daily morning meeting

  • authentically connect to community building, social-emotional learning, and academic achievement 

  • the natural setting of morning meeting and how it gives a unique oppourtunity to build relationships and see humanity inside of each other

  • morning meetings can provide oppourtunites to incorporate lesson activites centered around SEL skills

Objectives and Outcomes:

  1. Participants will gain knowledge of current research supporting the need for social-emotional education in schools today.

  2. Participants will learn the four components of a daily Morning Meeting and how best to implement them in their classrooms.

  3. Students will gain experience in leading circle activities through implementing their own lessons into the educational setting.

Class Materials

Required reading (please purchase before the start of the course):

  • Morning Meetings and Closing Circles by Monica Dunbar

  • An empty notebook is highly recommended

  • Please have a device for planning and work time allotted the second day of the course.

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If you have any questions please contact Sherrie Collins with our Continuing Education Department . 

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