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Yoga for Secondary Teachers


Yoga for Secondary Teachers

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Yoga For Secondary Teachers

How to Use Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom

Participants will gain a greater understanding 

  • with the components of yoga

  • how to  incorporated yoga into the secondary school setting

  • the research-based Five Parts of Practice

  • how to incoroporate  full length and shorter lessons and activities

  • how to support the individual needs of students while teaching

Class partipation includes

  • seated practices

  •  yoga poses/movement 

  • breath practices 

  • guided visualizations

Upon Class Completion:

Participants will leave feeling empowered to incorporate meditation, mindfulness, and yoga into their own lives as well as their classrooms.

Objectives and Outcomes:

+Participants will demonstrate their understanding of mindfulness and yoga techniques through active participation in the course.

+Participants will practice how to implement yoga/mindfulness activities not only with students, but their own lives through a daily meditation practice and reflection.

+Participants will be able to utilize strategies of yoga and mindfulness to promote overall social-emotional wellbeing through the practice of yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditations, and self-exploration activities; demonstrated through the implementation of two lesson plans.

+Participants will engage in their own personal exploration of yoga and mindfulness through a 30-day weekly journal exercise on the foundational “limbs” of yoga.

Required Materials:

Yoga for Secondary Teachers Course Bundle. This bundle includes the following materials: 

"Grow" book, Mantra Deck, Teen Yoga Deck, and Yoga for Secondary Teachers Course Manual.  

Participants can order this course bundle using the following link:

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If you have any questions please contact Sherrie Collins with our Continuing Education Department . 

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