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Wellness in the Workplace

Social-Emotional Self-Care for ALL

  • empower professionals in and outside of the office setting

  • integrate inclusive yoga and mindfulness practices within their daily lives

  • accessible yoga and mindfulness support themind, body and emotional wellbeing for people of all abilities. 

How We Can Help?

Self-Care Presentation


Yoga and mindfulness are simple and fundamental ways to improve mental health within the workplace.


This presentation addresses

  • stress and burnout in the workplace

  • offers yoga and mindfulness tools to help  navigate stress


C2C Hub This online platform offers access to

fitness exercises and mindfulness practices

  • for a variety of levels

  • weekly updates

  • chair yoga COMING SOON

  • exercises that can be done at the desk to relieve tense muscles

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Pricing Packages

Included:  1 Self-Care Presentation + 1 Year C2C Hub Access

+ $1,000:  Small Business Package for facilities under 35                            employees

+ $2,000:  Business Package for all other facilities, up to $1,000                   employees



+ $125:     Facility Yoga Lesson:  1 Hr Facility Yoga Lesson for                        Staff  or Patients with a Certified Yoga Instructor

$125:     Workplace Presentation

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