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Kindergarten: Printable Handouts 

  1. Lesson One: Introduction

  2. Lesson Two: Listening Skills

  3. Lesson Three: Why Listening Skills are Important

  4. Lesson Four: Self-Love

  5. Lesson Five: Introduction to Emotions

  6. Lesson Six: Describing Emotions

  7. Lesson Seven: Describing Emotions Continued

  8. Lesson Eight: Emotional Regulation

  9. Lesson Nine: Emotional Regulation Continued

  10. Lesson Ten: Everyone is Different

  11. Lesson Eleven: What is Kindness?

  12. Lesson Twelve: Kindness in Action

  13. Lesson Thirteen: Teamwork

  14. Lesson Fourteen: Careers

  15. Lesson Fifteen: Personal Safety

  16. Lesson Sixteen: Conclusion

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