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Dr. Liza Johnson- Biography & C2C Partnership

Dr. Liza Johnson is a director of Personal Empowerment at the University of Dubuque and the founder of EQ Development Institute which provides individuals, businesses, schools, and families the support to grow and practice emotional intelligence. She has over 15 years of experience facilitating emotional intelligence and is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Educator and Social and Emotional Learning specialist. She serves as an EQ Ambassador for Six Seconds: The Emotional Intelligence Network, the largest global EQ organization. Dr. Johnson is also the author of the emotional intelligence curriculum published by Six Seconds called Know. Choose. Give.: A practical guide for personal and professional success using the Six Seconds emotional intelligence framework, also known as the KCG Program. Additionally, she serves as the lead EQ trainer and consultant for Paradigm Education Solutions.


Dr. Johnson has a passion to share EQ education to create sustainable transformation. Whether it is a keynote, or training session, Dr. Johnson empowers people and teams the opportunity to develop vital skills to create more insight, connection, and purpose. 


Challenge to Change, Inc. is an impactful organization that brings wellness into various different spaces and by creating this strategic partnership with Challenge to Change, Inc., Dr. Johnson will have the opportunity to help more people practice emotional intelligence. 


For more information about Dr. Liza Johnson, visit 

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Corporate training consultant


Dr. Liza Johnson is available for keynote presentations and all-day speaking engagements. 

Topic Information
Becoming Smarter with Our Feelings

What’s your relationship with emotions? We all view and experience emotions differently based on our backgrounds and past experiences. Most of us never had the chance to learn about emotions in an explicit or comprehensive way. However, emotions are the primary driver of our behavior, so it’s critical to be smart with our feelings in order to be effective. Emotions matter and what we do with our emotions is important.



Participants will be able to:

  • Understand research behind emotions and provide strategies and tools to become smarter with them 

  • Apply a new mindset around emotions to become empowered 

  • Understand and apply the Six Second EQ-in-action model known as “KCG”

Breakout Topics

Dr. Liza Johnson can provide various breakout sessions based on the 30 concepts of the KCG Program.

Chief Jeremy Jenson _edited.jpg

“Dr. Johnson  created an EQ program for law enforcement when none existed. She is cutting edge and is always willing to take the next step”

Jeremey Jensen-
Dubuque Chief of Police

Ed Glaser_edited_edited.jpg

“I am able to take what I have learned and apply these practices personally and professionally which has greatly enhanced both worlds. I am living a more fulfilling life because of what I have learned in her trainings”

Ed Glaser-
Dubuque Community School Principal 


For More Information/Consultation

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