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Yoga in the Schools Programming

Trauma-Informed + Evidence-Based + Researched Programming created by educators and other professionals to support brain health and emotional well-being


Your entire school can have free programming if your school is located in any of the above counties

Why classrooms should participate in Yoga in the Schools Programming?

with Challenge to Change, Inc.

The Yoga in the Schools Online Program offers a unique opportunity for educators to learn alongside students.  Through playing the social-emotional yoga and mindfulness lessons, educators can participate and see students in a different light, as a peer, rather than an educator. 

Through participation, teachers learn valuable social-emotional tools that can be utilized in their own lives and in the classroom with students.  The Yoga + Mindfulness Portal provides educators with the tools shown in the lessons so the educators can show videos and read from instructions to utilize the yoga and mindfulness self-regulation tools.  And with practice, the educators become more confident in leading the techniques and utilizing them for themselves!  



Sample Lessons

+ Free Access to our Resource Center
+ Includes 8 digital lessons