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EQ Assessments

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Build Capacity.
Strengthen Leadership.
Improve Performance.

EQ Assessments 

Emotional intelligence (EQ) fuels successful people and organizations, and yet how often do we measure these key skills? Using EQ tools and assessments bring the theory of EQ to life in a practical and actionable framework. These can be implemented into group training sessions or individual coaching sessions. Here you will see the tools and assessments offered.

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Unlocking EQ Profile:

helps begins with a snapshot of a person's goals and current outcomes, then introduces EQ and the Six Seconds Model, and finally offers personalized feedback on how to leverage EQ to drive results.

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Impacts of EQ


SEI Brain Brief Profile

is a one-page synthesis of the way a person’s brain processes emotional and cognitive data. Starting from neuroscience and 15 years of research on emotional intelligence, the BBP provides a simple, practical summary of a person’s style for using emotional intelligence — ie, integrating thinking + feeling to make decisions to drive positive results.

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Home Improvement

SEI Brain Talent Profile:

 is a one-page report that provides a snapshot of your top brain talents and an overview of your patterns and preferences for processing emotional and cognitive data. It focuses on how to best use your brain's capabilities to increase your overall effectiveness. 

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1. Know Yourself

 Notice emotions and reactions (EQ competencies: Enhancing Emotional Literacy and Recognizing Patterns)

2. Choice Yourself

Pause to respond intentionally (EQ competencies: Consequential Thinking, Navigating Emotions, Engaging Intrinsic Motivation, and Exercising Optimism)

3. Give Yourself

 Connect on purpose (EQ competencies: Increasing Empathy and Pursuing Noble Goals) 

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“Dr. Johnson  created an EQ program for law enforcement when none existed. She is cutting edge and is always willing to take the next step”

Jeremey Jensen-
Dubuque Chief of Police

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“I am able to take what I have learned and apply these practices personally and professionally which has greatly enhanced both worlds. I am living a more fulfilling life because of what I have learned in her trainings”

Ed Glaser-
Dubuque Community School Principal 


For More Information/Consultation

Please fill out this form, which will allow us to design a customized consultation, providing information related to availability, pricing, and topics of interest that meet your organization’s specific needs. 

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