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Medical Mindfulness

Yoga that is accessible for ALL 

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The Challenge to Change, Inc. Medical Mindfulness Department is committed to offering yoga and mindfulness techniques as accessible support to the mind, body and emotional wellbeing of people of all abilities.  We believe in empowering medical professionals, caregivers and patients to integrate inclusive yoga and mindfulness practices as an alternative approach to healing.

Medical Mindfulness Supports:

Medical Professionals

+ Assisting in developing self awareness through stress management and burnout prevention


+ Utilizing yoga and mindfulness as a practice of healing in the fast-paced and high-stress world of healthcare 


+ Teaching self-care and self-love to those who spend their days caring for the wellbeing of others



+ Allowing for deeper and more personal connection between patient and caregiver


+ Making yoga and mindfulness accessible to those who believe they are not physically capable


+ Using yoga and mindfulness as a supplemental path to healing

How We Can Help

+ Self care presentations for medical staff

+ Access to our C2C Hub, full of fitness exercises in a variety of levels

+ Yoga classes with certified yoga instructors at your facility

+ Consultations with the Challenge to Change Medical Director

Introduction to Medical Mindfulness

Why Medical Mindfulness?



What Medical Professionals Are Saying



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