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Public Speaker. Author. Innovator.

"Smart Minds, Kind Hearts, Calm Bodies."

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Author Molly Schreiber



GROW contains a collection of clear and creative Mindfulness exercises. The exercises fall into five categories. Breath Practices, Movement, Sensory Experiences, Yoga Naps (Guided Imagery), and Practices for Brain and Heart Power. Offering Mindfulness through these five modalities keeps activities relevant, captivating, and transformative for all types of learners. 

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Melody of Meditation 

A children's book about mindfulness. Discover mindfulness and its meaning through both the words and illustrations.

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A Classroom in Balance

A Classroom in Balance: Helping your Students Connect their Minds, Bodies, and Hearts through the Practice of Mindfulness

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Smart Mind, Kind Heart, Calm Body

Children can use mantras to bring mindfulness and this is what you will find in Smart Mind, Kind Heart, Calm Body. They learn to honor their smart mind, their kid heart, and calm body.

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Sadie Loves Yoga 

Sadie Loves Yoga is a story about a little girl who becomes self-aware through the practice of yoga.  Through yoga, Sadie becomes a more peaceful and happy child. 

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Change the Station in Your Brain

Change the Station in your Brain teaches young children that they have the power to create a positive mindset by connecting their breath with positive affirmations and mantras.

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