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What is the PreK Portal Resource Center?

Through Challenge to Change, Inc. Yoga + Mindfulness program preschoolers will learn to problem-solve, ask questions, and have fun exploring new tools that will set them up for success throughout their life.

Limited Space available yet for THIS school year
Free PreK Programming in CROSS Region

Clarke, Lucas, Marion, Monroe, Ringold, Wayne, and Decatur counties 

What is included in the PreK Portal Resource Center?

Welcome Center

This section was created with supporting educators in mind. We understand that teaching can be stressful, and we want you to take care of yourself. This area offers self-care practices for teachers, such as 21 Days to Live For Mindfully, a yoga practice, and other self-care tips. 

Printable Resources

A TON of helpful resources you can use in your classroom! Our card decks are a favorite. You will receive the Mudras, Yoga Poses, Mantras, Breathing Practices, and Emotions Card Decks. Printable Mindful Games such as Yoga Memory, Bingo, and Mindfulness Scavenger Hunts are included. And so much MORE!


Mindful Practices

Breathing techniques are demonstrated in videos made specifically for kids. These are broken down into techniques to help with concentration, energizing, relaxing & calming. Yoga movement to songs such as I Am Yoga and Dance for the Sun.


Parts of Practice

Short, easy-to-understand videos of mudras and read-along videos from mindfulness books such as Sadie Loves Yoga and Melody of Meditation. This section also includes our made-for-kids yoga stories used in our yoga naps.

Kindergarten Classroom

Yoga + Mindfulness is a fun and comprehensive way to teach

Motor and Sensory Skills

Social and Emotional Learning

Self Awareness

Respecting Others

Self Expression


Shapes, Colors, and Stories are easily integrated into Yoga + Mindfulness Activities.

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PreK Yoga + Mindfulness Curriculum (1).png
PreK Yoga + Mindfulness Curriculum (2).png
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COMING SOON PreK School Year 2023-24 
Online Curriculum (includes 8 lessons)

More information coming soon!

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