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Kids Yoga Lesson: I Have a Dream - Martin Luther King
  • Kids Yoga Lesson: I Have a Dream - Martin Luther King

    Yoga + Mindfulness Lesson Plans combine yoga, mindfulness exercises and storytelling.


    These lessons are designed to help your students connect their minds, bodies and hearts and teach valuable social-emotional skills.


    Studies have shown that yoga and mindfulness practice leads to:


    • increased ability to concentrate and focus
    • decreased stress levels
    • improved mood


    This lesson plan will include all the tools you will need to teach an interactive 60-minute yoga class.


    This lesson's book: I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.






    Inspired by the famous speech, I Have a Dream, this lesson is a great way to introduce the teachings and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. A great activity to do on MLK Day or any time you want to introduce concepts such as equality, fairness and peace to your students.

    Help your students practice and discuss:


    - Equality/Fairness


    - Peace


    - Improved mood and emotional regulation


    - Reducing Stress


    - Flexibility and Balance


    - Mindfulness


    - Creativity




    Included in THIS resource…


    Each lesson will include:


    • a list of all required materials needed
    • the seven parts of the lesson guide explaining the details of each section taught
    • the print out worksheet of the three mudras used and information about each mudra
    • the breath deck card (front & back), including the illustrated picture from the card and detailed information on the breath practice being utilized
    • video example of the sun salutation yoga flow
    • free access to the meditation (what we call the Yoga Nap) that will help to reiterate the theme of each lesson
    • step-by-step instructions to a creative expression activity (often an art project) that incorporates the theme of each mindfulness lesson
    • a visual worksheet of yoga poses used in the lesson




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