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Mini YogArt Camp: YogArt Mystery Camp

Mini YogArt Camp: YogArt Mystery Camp

Welcome to the 2 Day Mystery YogArt Camp! Our YogArt Program combines the creative and calming practices of both yoga and art into one fantastic event. Children will breathe, stretch, and imagine as they receive instruction through yoga and mindful art. They will learn to use their calm body and smart minds to solve the camp's mysteries. 


We offer two different camp curriculum options. One is the full-week camp (4 days) designed for elementary-aged children, and the other is our mini camp (2 days) structured to be more age-appropriate for preschoolers. Although the theme between the two camp offerings is the same, the structure and activities may look a little different.  When purchasing both the full camp and the mini camp you will recieve two completely seprate programs. (The mini camp is NOT a condensed version of the full camp.)


Digital package is emailed to you in a zip file. The zip file includes the following PDF files:

  • Camp Manual - includes 2 full-days of lesson plans and activities, materials lists, and more!
  • Links to video yoga sequences
  • Yoga Memory Game
  • Camp Journal
  • Camp Marketing Flyers
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