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Emotions Discovery Activity
  • Emotions Discovery Activity

    Feeling Discovery - EMOTIONS CHART


    Instructions for Using the Emotions Chart: There is something very powerful about naming our emotions.  When we can put a word or label on how we feel, it puts us in charge. It makes pleasant emotions feel more satisfying, and it normalizes scary or unpleasant emotions. 


    This resource is designed to support the mental health happiness and health of children, teens, parents, and teachers. 


    Use this emotions chart regularly when working with our young students to get young minds in the practice of regularly assessing and describing how they feel.


    Discussing our emotions and feelings is one of the most invaluable gifts we can give ourselves and others!


    Activity 1 - Emotions Discovery

    Activity 2 - Connect to Happiness

    Activity 3 - Sadness Scale

    Activity 4 - Facing Fear

    Activity 5 - Acknowledging Anger

    Activity 6 Feeling Your Feelings

    BONUS - Your own printable copy of the EMOTIONS CHART!!


    Download the COMPLETE FREE Name What I Feel Emotions Activity bundle


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