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Name What I Feel (Paperback)
  • Name What I Feel (Paperback)

    Name What I Feel (Paperback)

    Written by Melissa Hyde  and  Illustrated by Charlotte Harwood 


    Expressing how we feel comes easy for some people, but not for everyone.


    Children often need support regulating and expressing their emotions in a healthy way. 


    Name How I Feel uses fun, rhyming verse, and vibrant colors to explore a number of emotions and reassures children that all feelings are okay—not just those that are pleasant. After all, it is what we do with our feelings that matters. 


    Name What I Feel teaches young readers to accept their feelings and encourages children to use their words to express their emotions so that they can learn to respond rather than react when faced with powerful feelings.


    This book and the included Emotions Chart can help teachers, parents, and other professionals help children express what they feel and learn ways to cope with those feelings.


    Support someone in your life today with a copy of Name What I Feel!


    *Also available on Amazon in Hardcover and Kindle*


    BONUS: Download the accompanying Emotions Activity bundle for FREE


    About author Melissa Hyde

    Melissa is a native Californian who has spent her life bouncing back and forth between her hometown of Los Angeles and her adopted home of Dubuque, Iowa. Melissa graduated from Hempstead, then went on to attend the University of Iowa where she received her bachelor’s degree in political science then returned to Los Angeles where she received her California teaching license and Masters degree in education from Pepperdine University.


    Melissa is passionate about the importance of building community in a classroom and making sure that the social-emotional needs of all students are met in order to ensure that authentic learning is taking place. 


    Melissa  joins the Challenge to Change team as our Education Staff Writer and Yoga Teacher. She completed her Kids, Teen, and Toddler Yoga Teacher Training and is pursuing her 200 Hour YTT.


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