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Sadie Loves Yoga (Paperback)
  • Sadie Loves Yoga (Paperback)

    Sadie Loves Yoga (Paperback)

    by Molly Schreiber, Illustrated by Joel Ray Pellerin 


    Sadie usually woke up grumpy...


    ...and she fought with her brother and sister.


    A lot. So much that she felt yucky.


    Then Sadie learned about yoga and how to become self-aware. Now she does her best to be the best Sadie she can be everyday.


    Written from the child's perspective, Sadie Loves Yoga explains the positive impact yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can have, and invites readers to explore the practice of yoga for themselves.


    Written by a teacher and used by educators when teaching yoga and mindfulness in their schools, this book can help you teach your children the practice of yoga so that they too can be their best versions of themselves.

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