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Investing in the future of your students

elementary school counseling curriculum

Students Will Learn

skills and attitudes that students need to be successful throughout their life. They will not only use these skills throughout their years of school, but they will evolve as they prepare for careers as young adults.

NO planning needed!
16 lessons ready for each grade K-5
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Aligns With:
ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors
CASEL SEL Competencies
Mindfulness Strategies and Techniques

Activities Include:
Solution Focused Therapy
Cognative Behavior Therapy

This curriculum was created for grades K-5

  • 16 lessons for each grade

  • Opening:  Bring students' attention inwards and shift into a focused mindset for the lesson

    • Seated breath or purposeful movement bring attention to breath

  • Introduction: Engage students with the primary concept for the lesson

  • Activities:  Creative activities incorporate the related topic into memorable relationships used in day to day life

  • Wrap-Up:  Culmination of everything learned, relating that information to real world experiences


K-5 Counseling Curriculum Goals:

  • Emotional Intelligence:  Develop tools to identify emotions, their causes, and how to react to emotional experiences

  • Self-Management:  Practice and acknowledge how to make informed choices that will take into account their own needs as well as those of others

  • Social and Relationships:  Develop relationship skills through the study of kindness, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and empathy.

  • Personal Goals:  Explore values, personal strengths, goal setting strategies, organization, self-efficacy, and careers.  

  • Brain Health:  Learn about how the brain works, resilience, neuroplasticity, and thinking patterns.


This curriculum focuses on self love and building resilience in the face of adversity through researched-backed skills and practices. 


retail price: $1499.99

 Previous Elementary School Counselor 
Creator of the Elementary Counseling Curriculum 

Lea Lovell

Lea has used this curriculum for the 2 years at her elementary school 


"It's a memorable and comprehensive tool that kids will want to learn."

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