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Jodi Wasson

Trauma Supports Director + Yoga Teacher

This is Jodi Wasson. She was born and raised in SE Iowa. After graduating from Winfield - Mt. Union High School, she attended the University of Iowa, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Teaching Certification for Secondary Social Studies. Jodi started working for the State of Iowa in 1994. For 20 years, she worked primarily as a Social Worker at the Mental Health Institute in Mt. Pleasant until its closure in 2015. She then worked as a Social Worker at the Centralized Intake office for Child and Dependent Adult Abuse for 3 years before returning to Mt. Pleasant as a Correctional Counselor at the Mt Pleasant Correctional Facility, which is located on the same campus as the Mental Health Institute was.

Jodi’s family is a huge priority in her life, being blessed with her amazing daughter and 3 great stepchildren. Jodi and her significant other, Tim, blended their family in 2004. They now also have 3 beautiful grandchildren. Life has never been boring for this family. Beside her family and friends, she loves music (especially Bon Jovi), the color purple, her cats, and traveling especially to the beach.
Jodi has been a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor since 1997. She has also maintained her substitute-teaching license. Renewing her substitute-teaching license brought her to Challenge to Change in July 2019 when she took “Mindful Games”. Jodi was already strong with mindfulness and during this class found a stronger connection to yoga. She wanted more! She began home practices with ‘Yoga with Adriene’ and decided to sign up for the 95 hour teacher training for Kids/Teens to continue to learn about yoga and grow personally. At the conclusion of her 95, the following mantra was given to her: “Jodi – I find love in everywhere in my life”. She cherishes this mantra deeply. During her 95, she also committed to the 200 hour teacher training for Adults and will complete that in November 2020. She became part of Challenge to Change staff in August 2020 and will start co-facilitating the 95 hour teacher training for Kids/Teens in January 2021. She is helping with Yoga in the Middle Schools in Mt Pleasant, IA. She is also working with administration at Mt Pleasant Correctional Facility to hopefully offer her own “mindfulness with movement” class to the incarcerated individuals.

Jodi now makes yoga a priority in her life. She has always known she has ‘the heart of a social worker’. She knows her mission is to help others and spread peace/good vibes. When she first stepped into the Challenge to Change studio, she was on a “peace journey” – trying to recover from the anxiety and anger associated with previous traumatic events of losing her job after 20 years in 2015, being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and finding out her diagnosis was really a misdiagnosis in 2018 (after already undergoing a double mastectomy and 3 additional reconstruction surgeries). Through yoga, Jodi found peace. She says yoga saved her. Jodi is a warrior who continues to seek breath and balance in her life, both off and on her mat.

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