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Kayla Reetz

Yoga Teacher + Trauma Supports Team Member

Kayla always knew that teaching was her purpose.

She taught music in the public school system for about 10 years and currently has her 95 and 200-hour yoga teacher certifications.

She came across Challenge to Change through the teacher re-certification course, Yoga for Teachers. This was an experience she’ll never forget. It was the first time she felt praised for what her body could do, rather than being reminded of what it couldn’t.

Kayla became a Yoga in the Schools Instructor with Challenge to Change in the Spring of 2021, which opened many doors since! She currently wears many hats at C2C, including: Yoga in the Schools Instructor, curriculum writer, Trauma Supports team member, blog writer and editor. The opportunity she most looks forward to, however, is bringing yoga and mindfulness to the northwestern Iowa schools.

Her hope is to complete both 300 and 800-hour yoga certifications, so she can offer yoga therapy and to own her own studio so she can teach this amazing work to people of all ages!

Kayla and her husband have 2 fur babies and hope to have children one day too.

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