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Lea Lovell

Counseling Curriculum Coordinator + Yoga Teacher

Lea is an avid traveler and lived in both India and Haiti and has visited many other countries. She loves learning, immersing herself in other cultures, building relationships around the world, and being outside her comfort zone. She also loves the thrill of adventure taking part in activities that include hiking, snowboarding, horseback riding, and has even been skydiving twice. On a more relaxing day Lea can be found listening to true crime podcasts while cooking, painting, or drawing with her cat Cleo by her side. Graduating in the spring of 2021 with her masters in School Counseling, Lea is beyond excited to be a school counselor and advocate for her future students. Yoga and mindfulness have been life changing for Lea and it has been an absolute honor and dream to be empowered to share yoga and meditation with students through Challenge to Change.

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