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Meredith Schmechel

Yoga Teacher

Meredith has been an elementary school teacher for sixteen years. She is passionate about guiding children to reach their fullest potential and to becoming the best version of themselves. Growing up in a Chicago provided Meredith with a beautiful lens in which to see the world around her. It is a world full of people who are vastly different but in the eyes of children, based in commonalities. Meredith began teaching in this lens. It allowed her to embrace each student for who they are.
In 2007, Dubuque became home for her, her husband, and two wonderfully spirited children. Their family loves to travel, be outdoors, explore, read, relax, enjoy music, and spend time with family and friends.
Yoga for kids and Challenge to Change has allowed her to bring her teaching full circle. In a world that is ever so busy, yoga and mindfulness is a phenomenal way to provide children with the tools to be their best selves. It allows Meredith to meet every child where they are in order for them to be successful in the classroom. Yoga has continued to be a pathway of passion and creativity for Meredith in and out of the classroom.

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