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Sherrie Collins

Continuing Education Instructor + Yoga Teacher

Sherrie is currently living her best life as an educator, runner (training for another marathon!), rescue dog foster, hobby photographer, virtual wellness coach, wife, and cat mom to Luna and Maya. Over the last 16 years Sherrie has held a variety of positions in her school district, but the most recent (Interventionist) allows her to bring the practices of yoga and mindfulness to the students in her building more consistently than ever before thanks to Challenge to Change. In her ever-changing amount of "free" time Sherrie loves to spend time with a good book, her husband Tim, friends, family, or hanging with the rescue dogs. She loves creating through sketch and paints, enjoys being outdoors (gardening or just relaxing by her kiddie pool) and hopes to add more travel to her plans in the near future.
Sherrie joined Challenge to Change after a series of fortunate events led her to a phone conversation with Molly. The outcome of this phone call (and a few others) was Sherrie registering for her Toddler, Kids, and Teen Yoga Teacher Training in the Fall of 2019. She was able to complete her training in March of 2020, with a newfound love of ALL things yoga, a deeper understanding of herself and her passions, a new tribe of friends, and a relentless voice in the back of her mind to stay connected with Challenge to Change (C2C).
As any human on a journey to self discovery and growth will tell you..."Never ignore that voice in the back of your mind."
So she didn't.
With her certification to teach kids yoga and mindfulness in hand, Sherrie met with Molly face to face and fell even more in love with the vision and mission of C2C. With a heartfelt "Welcome" from Molly and the magical teachers who help bring this vision to life, Sherrie began the next part of her journey of growth with Molly and C2C.
Sherrie is currently working towards her 200 HR YTT and has apprenticed Mindful Games. Her goal is to complete her training in early 2021, apprentice additional professional development courses with the intention of becoming a teacher for those courses in the near future. For now, Sherrie will continue to serve her community, her students, and the teachers in her district as she learns and grows as a yoga teacher and member of the Challenge to Change tribe!

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