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YogArt Curriculum Packages

Yoga + Art = YogArt

What are YogArt Curriculum Packages?

What are YogArt Curriculum Packages?

YogArt is a kid's class that combines Yoga and Art. These can be done in two different formats. One format is through a mini-camp, and the other is a full-length camp. 


Mini YogArt camps take place over two days and are two hours long. Often these camps can be geared toward younger age children. Our Full-length camp takes place over four days, and the days are four hours long. Mini camps are geared towards ages 3-5 years old.. Full-length camps are generally for ages 6-12 years old. 


The YogArt Camp bundle has detailed instruction plans for each day from start to finish. You will receive information for marketing your camp, handouts, video references, craft directions, sequencing song materials, and much more! 

A materials list is also included. Some materials for crafts are not included (e.g., glue, scissors, pencils); however, there is a complete list of supplies for each activity.






No lesson planning is needed. Just pick up and teach!

Perfect for Summer School, Boys/Girls Club, After-School Programs, Daycares, and Classrooms!

Purchase one themed camp or purchase both at a discounted price. 


 YogArt Camp

4 days 

for kids
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for toddlers

mini YogArt Camp

2 days 

Mini Camp what is included pics (1).png
Mini Camp what is included pics (2).png

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